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What’s the best diet plan to...

Lose weight? Improve your heart health? Lower blood sugar? Or reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease?

The Diet Review
The Diet Review shows you:
The five elements of all healthy diets
Which diets are best and which ones to avoid
Why the quality of the foods you eat is more important than focusing on specific nutrients like carbs or protein
The diets that are based on strong research
The plans that are affordable, balanced, and easy to follow
Sample menus for every plan
And so much more!
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These days it seems like there are almost as many diets out there as there are people. And many of them make outrageous claims that are often based on shaky science and unreliable research.
To help you sort through the hype and decide the best way to eat to maintain or improve your health, Harvard Health Publishing experts created The Diet Review: 39 popular nutrition and weight-loss plans and the science behind them. This comprehensive report reviews more than three dozen different diets from Atkins and South Beach to Weight Watchers, NOOM, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Whole 30, DASH, MIND, gluten-free, and dozens more.
To create this report, Harvard experts reviewed more than three dozen diets and the claims they make, then researched whether the evidence for those claims was based on solid science. They looked at how research findings on each diet plan meshed with the latest nutrition research, and then considered whether each plan provides a good balance of nutrients, and whether it’s affordable and easy to follow.
For each diet, you’ll find details on what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s in-between. You’ll learn which popular diets tout long-term results, but only based on short-term research. Plus, you’ll get a sample daily menu so you can get a quick feel for whether the plan suits your tastes.
From the very first page, you’ll discover the healthiest ways to eat to help you lose weight, boost your heart health, avoid diabetes, lower cholesterol, or protect and improve your memory. You’ll also find lots more including:
  • Why some weight-loss diets may not be healthy
  • The reason some nutrition advice may not be reliable
  • The diet and lifestyle plan that says you can lower your LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) by as much as 30% — is it right for you?
  • A diet that can help ward off age-related macular degeneration
  • Why people who eat whole grains tend to live longer and have a lower risk of chronic diseases
  • Why women need fewer carbs than men
  • The diet that improves insulin sensitivity and helps clear glucose out of the bloodstream — but is it healthy?
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At Harvard Health Publishing, we accept no advertising. That means we are beholden to no one except you. We are free to name names to bring you the best possible information for your health. That’s why in The Diet Review, you’ll learn about specific diets and eating plans. You’ll see how Weight Watchers stacks up against Atkins and the Keto Diet. You’ll discover that the current Weight Watchers plan hasn’t been studied to prove if the results will last or even if it’s better than other plans. You’ll get details on an effective, often-overlooked weight loss diet — Volumetrics. It’s well-researched, balanced and can help you lose weight. Could it be right for you?
Order The Diet Review right now and get facts like these on dozens of popular diet and eating plans. You’ll learn about the popular Paleo diet and why it’s virtually impossible to eat the way our ancestors ate — despite the claims.
You’ll learn how a diet with adequate protein and regular exercise can help you maintain — or even build lean muscle, which is key to keeping your mobility and independence. You’ll get the inside story on the Whole 30 diet and other diets that aren't easy-to-follow, and more importantly can't realistically be sustained to provide the health benefits they claim.
For every diet with questionable claims, there are diets with sound science and extensive research that really can help your health. And you’ll be surprised by the amazing health benefits of diets you’ve probably never even heard of.
Order The Diet Review right now, and you’ll save more than 30% OFF the cover price. Don’t miss this incredible deal on how to find the right eating plan to improve your health.
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Here’s to your health,
Timothy H. Cole
Editorial Director, Harvard Health Publishing
P.S. Click here now for a FREE LOOK at a healthy, easy-to-follow, affordable, eating plan that’s backed by sound science.

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