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Read the Most Popular Articles in BMC Cancer

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BMC Cancer


We thought you might be interested in seeing what our current top three most highly accessed articles* are in the open access journal, BMC Cancer. Check out the below to see what your colleagues are reading right now.

BMC Cancer is part of the BMC series of journals. We believe that if a research question is worth asking and is addressed using suitable methods and analysis, then the results should be part of the published record.
We have rigorous editorial policies and peer review processes, following community-agreed standards relevant to the research field of each journal. Submitted manuscripts are assessed on whether they provide scientifically valid knowledge, information or data to the research community, and not on the basis of novelty or likely impact.
To find out more, read the blog by our publisher here.
You may also be interested in our featured videos which highlight content across the BMC series.

Interested in publishing your next article in BMC Cancer? Here are a few ways we support our authors:
Making research more accessible with Figshare – to allow our authors to make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner
Standardising our research data policies – to help our authors achieve good practice in the sharing and archiving of research data, and compliance with their research funder and institution requirements
Institutional membership – we partner with over 500 institutes to help make the funding and billing process as simple as possible. Check here to see if your institute is a member

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* Articles are the most highly accessed in the past 30 days according to COUNTER and published in the past 12 months as of January 2017

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