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IARC 2017 – International Ataxia Research Conference

IARC 2017 – International Ataxia Research Conference

IARC 2017


The 2nd International Ataxia Research Conference will be held on September 27-30, 2017 in Pisa, Italy. The focus of the meeting is a comprehensive scientific review of new research from disease definition to therapeutic treatments. The conference will include Friedreich’s ataxia and other recessive ataxias (eg: ataxia with oculomotor apraxia), dominant ataxias (eg: spinocerebellar ataxias, DRPLA, episodic ataxias) and autoimmune ataxias.
The meeting is organized by GoFARFARA, and Ataxia UK. These organizations provide a steering committee to create a stimulating conference in historic Pisa for sharing recent advances in Ataxia research. This is a 4-day international scientific research conference designed for academic researchers, clinicians, advocacy organizations, government agencies and biotech and pharmaceutical industry focused on advancing basic, translational and clinical science for ataxias.
Topics will include:
I. Molecular basis of disease:
• Diagnosis and identification of disease
• Pathways associated with disease
II. Translational models of disease:
• Cell and animal models of ataxias
• Drug Discovery
o Tools for discovery
o Recent compounds
III. Natural history, biomarkers, and endpoints
• Defining disease measures for use in advancing treatment development
IV. Therapeutics, interventions and clinical development
• Therapeutic approaches to ataxias, including gene therapy
• Regulatory considerations in treatment trials
We hope that you will save the date for September 27-30, 2017 and plan to join us for what will prove to be an exciting and significant 4 days for Ataxia research.
Please continue to visit this website for important programmatic updates including call for abstracts, registration, and program agenda.
The IARC program is nearly complete and will include over 200 posters and 52 scientific talks over four days. Please review the information on this site and make plans to attend this exciting conference.

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