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Supporting World Malaria Day 2017

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BioMed Central is proud to support World Malaria Day 2017
Malaria thrives in areas of poverty, adding further economic and social strain on these societies. Many of those most vulnerable to the disease, especially young children and pregnant women, are not able to access the preventative tools, diagnostics and therapeutics that could save their lives. In 2015, 429,000 deaths occurred – most of these were young children.
On World Malaria Day 2017, and indeed every day, BioMed Central is proud to support efforts to reduce the global malaria burden by publishing the latest malaria research and making it free to access.
BioMed Central is proud to be publishing research that aids the fight against Malaria- take a look at our dedicated landing page here to see a collection of articles, blogs and quizzes in relation to World Malaria Day.

Malaria Journal: Brand New Series
Ivermectin to reduce malaria transmission
Hundreds of millions of people have received ivermectin every year in campaigns against onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis with excellent safety profile. It is also an endectocide, a drug capable of killing mosquitoes feeding on treated subjects. In the face of the challenges posed by insecticide resistance and residual transmission, mass drug administration of endectocides holds potential as a complementary strategy for malaria elimination.
This ‘Ivermectin to reduce malaria transmission’ thematic series in the Malaria Journal aims at providing a comprehensive assessment and factors to consider in adapting this tool for a potential new indication.

ACT now: anti-malarial market complexity one decade after the introduction of artemisinin combination therapy – evidence from sub-Saharan Africa and the Greater Mekong Sub-region
This series provides a comprehensive contemporary view of anti-malarial markets across several countries in SSA and the GMS, examining current levels of access to quality-assured first-line treatments and malaria diagnostics, and documenting the persistence of other non-first line medicines. This evidence serves as a benchmark for public and private sector initiatives that have aimed to scale up access to first-line treatment and confirmatory testing. Evidence can guide future strategies aimed at improving malaria case management and for accelerating progress towards malaria elimination.

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