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Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base (v1.2) || Check out PHGKB for continuously updated information on health impact of genomics.

Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base (v1.2)

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Last Posted: Sep-30-2016 8AM
Predicting the Future — Big Data, Machine Learning, and Clinical Medicine
Z Obermeyer et al, NEJM, September 29, 2016
(Time Posted: Sep-30-2016 8AM)
Big Data, Big Research: Implementing Population Health-Based Research Models and Integrating Care to Reduce Cost and Improve Outcomes.
Anoushiravani Afshin A et al. The Orthopedic clinics of North America 2016 Oct (4) 717-24
(Time Posted: Sep-29-2016 10AM)
Big Data in Health: a Literature Review from the Year 2005.
de la Torre Díez Isabel et al. Journal of medical systems 2016 Sep (9) 209
(Time Posted: Sep-09-2016 11AM)

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The CDC Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base is an online, continuously updated, searchable database of published scientific literature, CDC resources, and other materials that address the translation of genomic discoveries into improved health care and disease prevention. The Knowledge Base, cosponsored by the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences at the National Cancer Institute, is curated by CDC staff and is regularly updated to reflect ongoing developments in the field. This compendium of databases can be searched for genomics-related information on any specific topic... more

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