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Handy advice for parents overwhelmed by their kids’ media world

Handy advice for parents overwhelmed by their kids’ media world
The Super Bowl is not the most-watched television program in Australia (as if American readers care). However, the hype does drift across the Pacific and the news of the Denver Broncos' 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers will be on the front page of newspapers tomorrow morning. Congratulations to Peyton Manning! 
What surprised me was Donald Trump's tweet: "So far the Super Bowl is very boring - not nearly as exciting as politics - MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" I found that puzzling. An Australian Prime Minister, the late Malcolm Fraser, is remembered for saying that the role of government was to keep sport on the front page of the newspapers and political news inside, deep inside. 
There's some real wisdom in that. In a harmonious and well-ordered society,wouldn't there be consensus on the most significant issues? When politics becomes a ferociously exciting cage-fight, perhaps there is something wrong. Surely making America great again can't mean a 24/7 diet of politics. 
(By the way, politics was never off the front page in Fraser's seven years as Prime Minister; he failed.) 

Michael Cook 
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