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Boys will be boys. Girls won’t | September 12, 2017 | MercatorNet |

Boys will be boys. Girls won’t

September 12, 2017 | MercatorNet |

Boys will be boys. Girls won’t

Why an all-girls Lord of the Flies must be a defeat for women.
Laura Perrins | Sep 12 2017 | comment 1 

Lord of the Flies is about boys. Image: @MartinDaubney via Sky News
First came the announcement that Hollywood was going to create an all-girls Lord of the Flies, then UK chain John Lewis said it would make all its children’s clothes "gender neutral". The all-out assault on children, their innocence and reality itself has been relentless.
First, the idiotic idea that one can make an all-female Lord of the Flies movie that remains faithful to the message of the book. The big problem with an all-girls Lord of the Flies is that a gender switch means it is no longer Lord of the Flies.
This is obvious because of the inherent differences between the sexes, which are played out day in, day out, in homes and schools across the country. We know what happens when a group of boys get together: they are boisterous, they wreck your house, they like to fight.
Yes, there are quieter boys who like to read a book, and they are boys just as much as the house-wrecker. But the point, as William Golding demonstrated so effectively, is that these quiet boys are the ones that get picked on by the bullies when adults are not there to impose rules and civilise said bullies.
What exactly will the writers do with the girls in the wild? Will the mean ones psychologically torture the nice ones, while they all starve to death? Will the tomboy who went to Boy Scouts organise everyone to sit around the campfire and collaborate on what to do next? Or will they, as the feminists would have us believe, do exactly what the boys did – go wild, savage and turn on the weaker girls? This is the golden thread in feminist thought: the idea that it is a great triumph when women live down to the lowest standards of men.
The point is that in scenario one or two the film is no longer Lord of the Flies, and in scenario three the idea is too unbelievable to be taken seriously, because in general girls are not as rough and wild as boys.
Which brings us nicely to the equally idiotic decision by John Lewis to make all their girls’ and boys’ clothes "gender neutral".
The Independent said: 'John Lewis has become the first UK retailer to remove gender labels from its children’s clothing. The department store chain has not only taken “girls” and “boys” labels from clothes, but has also done away with the separate sections in stores. John Lewis own-brand children clothing will now simply say “Girls & Boys” or “Boys & Girls”.'
Let’s be clear: this is not countering sexism, it is promoting delusion. The idea that a girl might like dinosaurs, therefore you could put dinosaurs on a dress, was too much for John Lewis to handle. No, instead they have to pretend that this dress can be worn by both boys and girls.
This move does not push back on sexism; in fact it subtly reinforces it. It seems one cannot have a girls’ t-shirt with "Future Scientist" on it – instead we should abolish this notion of girls as scientists completely.
This campaign to tell children that boys and girls can switch genders as easily as they can change their clothes is evil. It propagates the lie, like the idea behind the Lord of the Flies revamp, that there are no innate differences between the sexes. On a more serious note, this lie ends up putting women on the front line in hand-to-hand combat – the height of delusion with dangerous results.
The fact is that men and women are different in significant and profound ways. The most obvious is the reproductive system but boys already have greater muscle mass, core strength and, above all, testosterone than girls. The amount of testosterone boys are exposed to in the womb is the primary reason why they are so much more aggressive than girls. This is why, when they grow up without proper adult guidance, they can turn out to be Left-wing Antifa thugs or white supremacist idiots.
So, sadly for me, John Lewis becomes one more store on the boycott list. Tiresome, but necessary. I leave it up to you, dear reader, whether you should do the same.
Laura Perrins is Co-Editor of The Conservative Woman. Republished from TCW with permission.


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Boys will be boys. Girls won’t

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