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Our New Thematic Series: Chemical Proteomics

Proteome Science
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Editors-in-Chief: M.Latterich and H. J. Kwon

We are writing to share a selection of articles from our soon to be published ‘Chemical Proteomics’ thematic series.

This series, Guest Edited by Peter Karuso, will aim to highlight the emergence of this new and dynamic field with a focus on chemical proteomics methods and their applications.

Series scope
The recent development of chemical proteomics marks the crossing of proteomics into the discipline of chemistry and is quickly becoming an integrated research engine that bridges the hurdle of identifying protein targets of biologically active small molecules with unknown modes of action. Chemical proteomics provides a high-throughput platform for exploring drug-target-phenotype relationships required for functional proteomics and rapid drug discovery. These efforts are illuminating a new paradigm in drug discovery where prior knowledge of a new chemical entity’s mode of action is not required for the rapid isolation of novel targets.
The series will be published later this year, keep checking the homepage for updates!

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