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Star Wars and the Family. Developments in a gay wedding cake drama.


By default, I am largely ignorant of the world of Star Wars, but the enthusiasm of people with good taste leads me to think that I may one day set myself to watch the series. Meanwhile, I am happy to prepare myself (being something of a dunce at interpreting sci-fi) by reading articles like the one we have published today by Dr Jordan Ballor, a research fellow at the Acton Institute. It begins:
“You cannot deny the truth that is your family.” Lor San Tekka (Max von Sydow) speaks these prophetic lines to Kylo Ren, the master of the Knights of Ren and the main villain in the latest installment of the Star Wars film franchise, The Force Awakens. Ren’s violent response to Tekka’s words underscores the fundamental dynamic that appears throughout the films.
Interesting, don't you think?
Enjoy your weekend. It's a long one here in NZ with a holiday on Monday commemorating the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. It's our national day, but never without a bit of controversy -- this time our government's signing (and hosting of same) of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Maori in particular see it as undermining Treaty rights and there have been very noisy protests here this week. Perhaps they are correct, but then it is hard for a nation of less than 5 million people at the bottom of the world to live in the style to which we aspire without doing trade deals with more populous countries. Of course the TPP has to be ratified by 12 countries yet, so we won't hold our breath.

Carolyn Moynihan 
Deputy Editor, 
The Family and the Force
Jordan J. Ballor | FEATURES | 5 February 2016
The Star Wars narrative invokes dynamics of familial love.
Belgian artist fights to be recognised as king’s daughter
Michael Cook | FEATURES | 5 February 2016
Truth is more important than legal status.
There is only one race, the human race
Tim Crowe | HARAMBEE | 5 February 2016
How the origin of Southern Africa's KhoiSan tells us this.
‘I’ve changed my mind’: a gay activist reverses stand on wedding cake row
Carolyn Moynihan | CONJUGALITY | 5 February 2016
Discrimination against people should be unlawful, but not against ideas.
The internet: Privacy fights back
Denyse O'Leary | CONNECTING | 5 February 2016
Thngs are worse than we thought. But is Privategrity the answer?
Global inequality grows
Marcus Roberts | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY | 5 February 2016
The 62 richest people have as much wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion
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