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Cancers of the Head & Neck | Home

Cancers of the Head & Neck | Home

Cancers of the Head & Neck
Editor-in-Chief: Dr Barbara Burtness

We would like to let you know of some recent articles from Cancers of the Head & Neck, an open access journal freely and permanently available online.

Journal Scope
As an open access, online journal, Cancers of the Head & Neckprovides a high visibility platform for the publication of original research and expert reviews. The journal serves as essential reading for medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, speech therapists, rehabilitation medicine providers, as well as basic and translational researchers, drug developers, dental practitioners and other allied healthcare professionals.

Reasons to Publish in Cancers of the Head & Neck
Open access: freely and permanently available online to foster an active academic exchange
Distinguished international Editorial Board
Rapid publication upon acceptance

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Cancers of the Head & Neck

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