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Abortion and the Zika virus. Muslims against Christianophobia


A disease that no one has ever heard of may cause conditions that no one has ever heard of -- but it has become a health emergency on a par with Ebola, according to the World Health Organization. The Zika virus, a generally mild mosquito-borne disease which originated in Africa, has spread to Latin America. There is has been associated with clusters of Guillain–Barré syndrome, which causes temporary or permanent nerve and muscle damage, and microcephaly. Infants with this condition are born with abnormally small heads and may have severe intellectual and physical disabilities. 
But this frightening scenario in lurid newspaper articles is not the full story. As you can see below, Ana Maria Carceres, a 24-year-old Brazilian journalist, was born with microcephaly. She went to university, plays the violin and has written a book. And she is very indignant at the suggestion that abortion is a solution for pregnant women with the Zika virus. Read all about it. 

Michael Cook 
Muslims against Christianophobia
Mohammed Sammak | ABOVE | 2 February 2016
The Middle East needs Christians, says a leading Lebanese Muslim.
Most Muslims aren’t jihadists, of course. But some of them are
Barbara Kay | FEATURES | 2 February 2016
There can be an Islam without Islamism, but no Islamism without Islam.
The wrong solution to Zika-caused microcephaly
Michael Cook | FEATURES | 2 February 2016
Activists are trying to spook governments into allowing abortion. Don't do it, says a woman with the condition.
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