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A donor-conceived woman speaks out.


Same-sex parenting is supported by an industry which supplies the wherewithal for sperm donors and surrogate mothers. Children become "genetic orphans" cut off from their biological past. This is happening to thousands upon thousands of them every year. 
The dark history of gamete donation, however, began with married couples who saw it as a cure for infertility. Nobody seems to have asked what the kids might think about it. In any case, the normal practice was not to tell them. Stephanie Raeymaekers, a 37-year-old woman with two children of her own, was one of the first donor-conceived children in Belgium. Now she is an advocate for their rights. She spoke to MercatorNet about the psychological trauma of learning that her father was an anonymous sperm donor. Read her moving story below

Michael Cook
A donor-conceived woman speaks out
Stephanie Raeymaekers | FEATURES | 3 February 2016
There is a hole in the hearts of people whose biological fathers have been erased from their lives.
Will gene ‘editing’ help infertile couples?
Peter Saunders | FEATURES | 3 February 2016
Claims that it will lack any evidence base.
Later-in-life divorce becoming more common
Nicole M. King | FAMILY EDGE | 3 February 2016
And the ramifications are far from positive.
The science of commuting
Marcus Roberts | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY | 3 February 2016
Why commuting is still 'bearable' in larger cities.
Do you know who your teens meet on social media?
Denyse O'Leary | CONNECTING | 3 February 2016
Maybe they don’t either. Maybe you should both find out.
Rain keeps the Big Bad Wolf indoors
Jennifer Minicus | READING MATTERS | 3 February 2016
A twist on the traditional Little Three Pigs.
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