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CDC - Office of the Associate Director for Policy

CDC - Office of the Associate Director for Policy


The Office of the Associate Director for Policy (ADP) is the nexus for CDC’s policy activities and its vision is to use policy to create a healthier world. Its mission is to bring about policies that result in demonstrable improvements in public health—globally and at the federal, state, and local levels.
ADP features an Office of the Director; the Health Reform Strategy, Policy, and Coordination Office; the Office of the National Prevention Strategy; the Office of Prevention through Healthcare; and the Policy Research, Analysis, and Development Office.

Featured Resources

Prevention Badges for the Health Insurance Marketplace will direct visitors to to learn more about the preventive services offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace plans including screenings, counseling, and vaccinations.
Resources for Implementing the Community Health Needs Assessment Process provides background information for conducting community health needs assessments and developing strategies that address priority needs.
Principles to Consider for the Implementation of a Community Health Needs Assessment Process Adobe PDF fileExternal Web Site Iconoffers a pathway for hospitals, public health entities, and others to collaboratively address the health needs of their communities.

Policy Program Areas

Office of the Director
Provides strategic advice to CDC leadership on agency direction and priorities and ensures organizational effectiveness and capacity in policy or strategy
Office of Health System Collaboration
Provides leadership for CDC’s public health and health care collaboration activities and the public health response to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Office of the National Prevention Strategy
Supports the National Prevention Council in the its work to implement the National Prevention Strategy
Policy Research, Analysis, and Development Office
Spearheads and coordinates much of the policy work conducted at CDC’s Atlanta locations and works in tandem with CDC Washington

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