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MercatorNet: Sliding vs. Deciding; how we do relationships now

MercatorNet: Sliding vs. Deciding; how we do relationships now

Sliding vs. Deciding; how we do relationships now

A fantastic video talk about commitment for young adults.
Carolyn Moynihan | Jul 15 2016 | comment 

This is a talk given by Professor Scott Stanley of the University of Denver, Colorado, to the Chi Alpha group at the University of Virginia in February this year. Dr. Stanley is introduced by Dr. Brad Wilcox. The talk was sponsored by The National Marriage Project, and although it is long -- an hour plus questions -- it's a thorough and engaging coverage of the science supporting marital commitment.

Professor Stanley is a research professor who conducts studies on marriage and romantic relationships. Along with my colleagues, I also develop materials to help people in their relationships based on the best social science possible. In addition to numerous journal articles and book chapters, I have written or co-written a number of books, including The Power of Commitment, 12 Hours to a Great Marriage, Fighting for Your Marriage, and A Lasting Promise. 
He blogs at www.slidingvsdeciding.com


Hot on Wednesday's themes of free speech and political leadership, we bring you...more free speech and political leadership!
Paul Coleman traces the origins of 'hate speech' legislation in Europe to a surprising, or perhaps not so surprising source
Meanwhile, your obedient servant offers an admittedly pessimistic post-election analysis of the revolving-door of Australian political leadership. We survived the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd saga; will we now be subjected to an Abbott-Turnbull-Abbott spectacle? I don't condone gambling, but bookies are only offering $2.50 on Abbott as the next leader of the Liberal party.
If you prefer a longer-term approach to leadership reflections, Francis Phillips has the book for you with an incisive review of The Romanovs:1613-1918 a no-holds-barred history of the enduring yet ill-fated Russian dynasty.
It's been a pleasure stepping into the breach, but I'm sure you'll join me in hoping Carolyn is back in good health next week!

Zac Alstin 
Associate Editor, 

Europe’s free speech problem: a cautionary tale
Paul Coleman | FEATURES | 15 July 2016
The unfolding of a totalitarian impulse.
The new normal of Aussie politics
Zac Alstin | FEATURES | 14 July 2016
Can you spot the pattern?
A Medieval Somme: a forgotten battle that was the bloodiest fought on British soil
James Clark | FEATURES | 15 July 2016
Thousands upon thousands died in fiercest battle of the Wars of the Roses
The Romanovs: 1613-1918
Francis Phillips | FEATURES | 14 July 2016
A colourful and compelling narrative of the Russian dynasty.
Africa needs a sober debate on homosexuality
Mathew Otieno | HARAMBEE | 14 July 2016
Tradition does not excuse injustice and hatred.
Community policing in America
Sheila Liaugminas | SHEILA REPORTS | 15 July 2016
Do we have race problems? Police problems? Both? What can be done?
Sliding vs. Deciding; how we do relationships now
Carolyn Moynihan | FAMILY EDGE | 15 July 2016
A fantastic video talk about commitment for young adults.
The rise of fertility over 40
Marcus Roberts | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY | 15 July 2016
It's now overtaken teenage fertility in England and Wales.
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MercatorNet: Sliding vs. Deciding; how we do relationships now

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