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Food Safety ▲ Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base (v1.2)

Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base (v1.2)

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Last Posted: Nov-04-2016 2PM

Future challenges for tracking foodborne diseases
EM Ribot et al, EMBO Press, November 2016
Regulatory bioinformatics for food and drug safety.
Healy Marion J et al. Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP 2016 Oct 342-7

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CDC Resources with and image of DNA

Seletced Insights & Reviews with various images of researchers in labortory environments

Epidemiology with an image of a crowd of people with a double helix

Translational Research with two images of people talking to a genetic counselor and an image of a hand with wrapped sequecing around it

Practice & Implementation with images of people taking to a doctor and a nurse examining a child

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