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MercatorNet: How a rolling sexual revolution is crushing freedom

MercatorNet: How a rolling sexual revolution is crushing freedom


How a rolling sexual revolution is crushing freedom

How a rolling sexual revolution is crushing freedom

A strong voice from Europe warns that 'sexual liberation' is anything but.
Gabriele Kuby | Jul 8 2016 | comment 1 

When German writer and public speaker Gabriele Kuby talks about the effects of the West’s student revolution of 1968 she knows her stuff. She was there, at the Free University of Berlin, studying sociology and gung-ho with the anti-authoritarianism of the era.

There has been a revolution in her own life since then and she now devotes her public work to raising consciousness about the cultural devastation being wrought by the ongoing sexual revolution. In the following Q&A she talks about her book on the subject, an English edition of which was published last December.

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Q. In your book, The Global Sexual Revolution – Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom, you report and warn about the destruction of freedom and culture through the global sexual revolution. Why is this so?

A. As sex goes, so goes the family. As the family goes, so goes society. Sexual norms have a decisive influence on the whole cultural edifice. The anthropolgist J.D. Unwin, an Oxford scholar of the 1930s, showed in his book Sex and Culture that high culture can only exist with strict sexual norms. Christian European culture rests on the ideal of monogamy. We are now in a cultural revolution that overthrows sexual morality. The severe consequences are obvious: The destruction of the family and the demographic crisis. But the powers of this world continue to force the sexual revolution on every nation.

Q. Does moral deregulation lead to sexual liberation?

A. To throw off any moral restraint to sexual activity is wrapped in the temptation of “sexual liberation”. Everybody knows from experience that the urges and drives of the body need to be controlled, be it sex or food or drink, otherwise they will control us. Therefore temperance is one of the cardinal virtues. The explosion of pornography through the internet creates millions of sexually addicted people, tragically more and more youth are among them. Marriage and families break up if husband and wife are driven into unfaithfulness by their sexual desires, because they have not learnt to make them a servant of the expression of love.

Q. Who has contributed to the sexual revolution intellectually?

A. Tracing the ideas that have powered the sexual revolution one can go back to the Greek philosopher Protagoras who proclaimed that “man is the measure of all things”. This belief is the basis of relativism which claims, that there are no absolute moral values. The French Revolution overturned the Christian concept of man, created by God and ultimately responsible to God. Since then, many revered minds have contributed philosophical and psychological ideas and cultural revolutionary expertise. They all sympathise with communist or liberal political movements. To name just a few: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Sigmund Freud, Simone de Beauvoir, Alfred Kinsey, the outright sexual revolutionist Wilhelm Reich, and the philosophers Adorno, Horkheimer and Marcuse, who are known as the Frankfurter Schule (Frankfurt school).

Q. What role did the radical feminism and Marxism of the 1968 movement play?

A. The breakthrough that changed society as a whole was the student rebellion of 1968. It was fuelled by the ideas of the Frankfurter School and  it put into practice the ideas of Wilhelm Reich. Marxism, radical feminism and the “sexual liberation” merged and attacked the Christian value system at the root by rebelling against any authority. Children were the immediate object of the revolutionaries: So called anti-authoritarian “children shops” (Kinderläden) were founded, where children could do what they wanted and were encouraged in sex play.

Q. How has the  1968 movement influenced the time we live in?

A. The goals of 1968-movement have become the agenda of the UN and EU and are carried forward by the global enforcement of LGBT-“rights” and the deconstruction of male and female identity:

* The deregulation of sexual norms. Promotion of LGBT-privileges, including same sex marriage and transgender “rights”.
* Undermining of the family by ideological and economic means (tax- and social security systems penalize mothers and families)
* Collectivization of children below three years in state day care facilities
* Sexualization of children through obligatory sex-education in schools
* Eradication of “gender-stereotypes” by pedagogical methods in kindergarten and school
These attacks on the foundations of a healthy, viable society create masses of uprooted people who are easily manipulated. It is not only the strategy of the UN and EU, but of a network of UN-agencies like WHO and UNICEF, global NGOs like IPPF and ILGA, global corporations like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, billionaire foundations like Rockefeller and Gates, supported by the mainstream media.

Q. Abortion and contraception are often justified with the dangers of overpopulation of this earth. Do you think they are real dangers?

A. One obvious motive for these destructive policies is to reduce the population of this earth. This is foreign policy of the USA since the 1970s. But the real problem is the demographic decline which nearly all industrialized nations are facing and which is now beginning even in developing countries. It is a consequence of separating sex from its existential meaning and function, procreation, through contraception and abortion. Strong forces in the UN and EU battle for defining abortion as a “human right”. Where has humanity come to since the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948?

Q. What are the consequences of the "gender" concept that LGBT lobbies seek to impose on societies?

A. The goal of implementing gender-ideology into society with sophisticated methods of social engineering is the deconstruction of the identity of man and woman, thus attacking family and morality on its deepest level. Since the decision of the Supreme Court of the USA in June 2015 we see a new wave of transgender activism coming from the USA. Obama, president of the leading nation of this world, is at the front of the “bathroom battle”, authorizing policy that allows a transgender person to use the toilet and locker-room of the sex of his choice. That 99 percent of the population of the United States has a problem when members of the opposite sex enter bathroom-facilities, especially when they are used by children, seems to be of no concern to the political rulers.

Q. What are the main ways to change society according to gender-ideology?

A. Apart from changing the legal system and sexualizing children by force of the state, this ideology is worked into the brain and psyche of people through the media, the entertainment-industry (film and music) and pornography. Pornography is a multi-billion business. Watching pornography is addictive like a physical drug; it destroys marriages and families and is a slippery slope into sexual crime. Why is there no campaign of the EU against pornography, as there is against smoking? The difference is that smoking does not destroy family, pornography does.

Q. You've gone from participation in the revolutionary movement of 1968 as a student at the Free University of Berlin to a courageous activist against the ravages of global sexual revolution. You attribute your "awakening" to your conversion to Catholicism. What is the contribution of Christian humanism in this cultural battle?

A. I converted to Catholicism twenty years ago and discovered a wealth of teaching on the issues of man and woman, family and sexuality. John Paul II devoted his life and papacy to these issues, providing a theological basis for the encyclicalHumanae Vitae of Paul VI, which addressed contraception. Benedict XVI is an enlightened analyst and visionary of our historical epoch. That is the intellectual side. But there is also a spiritual side: Conversion leads to a change of life. Jesus says: “Who loves me will keep my commandments (John 14,15). Keeping the commandments allows the Holy Spirit to enlighten our understanding and change our life.  

Q. What prevents us from realizing that the sexual revolution puts the future of our society at risk?

A. Not keeping the commandments, that is, separating from God through sin creates blindness. The mass-media do what they can to make any kind of sin seem acceptable, so people lose the spirit of discernment between good and evil. In the Bible we read: “I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live.” (Deut. 30,19). The statistics of family breakup, psychological disturbances of a high percentage of children and the demographic crisis shout at us, but we are deaf.

We do not know in which phase of the history of mankind we are. But as believers we know that the human story has a good ending. Each one of us can choose life and use his talents to work for life. To know you are on the side of life, and therefore on the “right side of history” allows you to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Q. You are personally attacked as a “homophobic” and “far right” in an attempt to ostracize you from the public discourse. There have been demonstrations against you, and in a theater play in Berlin you and four other politically active women were characterized as “zombies” who had risen from the graves in 1945 and who should be shot in the head to get rid of them. Does that discourage you?

A. I am not “homophobic”because I have no fear (phobia = fear) of homosexuals, nor do I have anything to do with the “far right”. I am a defender of democratic rights against this newly arising totalitarianism. The Berlin play works with manipulated quotations, and we are taking them to court to protect the democratic right of free speech. The attacks do not discourage me. I do what I feel I am called to do.

Q. Can we win this cultural battle?

A. Let me answer with David: “The battle belongs to the Lord (1 Sam 17,47).

Gabriele Kuby is a German writer and sociologist, a frequent lecturer in Germany and around Europe, and has written for numerous print and on-line publications in Europe. This article is a slightly edited version of an interview with Hazte Oir. See also: Europe's Cassandra.


I am in awe of the enterprise of companies like Google and Amazon and benefit hugely from using them. But like Daan van Schalkwijk, the author of our lead article today, I am not happy to see them adopting political causes like “gay pride”. Google is organising virtual gay pride parades, with the hashtag #prideforeveryone, for LGBTQ people who are “not free to express themselves”.

It depends on what you mean by “expression”, says Daan, who teaches statistics and biology at Amsterdam University College. Google endorses concrete political objectives like gay marriage and the opening of female bathrooms to transgender females, and there he draws the line. Besides, is “pride” really the summit of human expression? Daan has another proposal.
To finish the week on a frivolous note: The Columbia Journalism Review has a feature called "the lower case", which collects "headlines editors probably wish they could take back". Here's one from The Guardian (high-brow, left-leaning British paper):
Mutilated body washed up on Rio beach to be used for Olympics beach volleyball
Someone tweeted it to the Review with the comment:
I would stick to using a volleyball but, hey, they're the experts.
If you have an eye for ambiguous headlines the CJR is happy to get your submission

Carolyn Moynihan

Deputy Editor,


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MercatorNet: How a rolling sexual revolution is crushing freedom

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